September 11, 2015; Our NEW Interactive Website Network launched in it’s First-Phase.

The First Phase of our new website has many new features:
Channels: viewers can find their favorite shows but what they want to watch the most and we make it easy with our Fire, Rescue and EMS Channels.

  • Training Channel: Battalion LIVE Broadcasts every week with Professional Trainers where as each one has a specific discipline and curriculum.
  • Series Channel: This Channel is the access to All Series from ALL Regions as well as our Specials and upcoming Mini-Series.
  • Indie-Producer Channel: 1st Responders from around the world can have their own Battalion Channel on our website driving their viewers to our site. Battalion LIVE Broadcasts may be featured.
  • LIVE Channel: Live broadcasts during production where you may find the Chief of the Department LIVE On-Air talking about whatever subject matter they choose on an Ad-Hoc basis.
  • Production Channel: This is where Battalion Members can watch and interact with members of our Production Team as they set-up and film the series with each department.
  • Non-Profit Channel: This channel is designed for any Non-Profit to present their foundation to our viewers. Sometime in 2016, they will have complete control to talk about what they are doing and events they may be holding.
  • Firehouses: This has been an organic page since 2009 on the old site. Firefighters seem to find it and post their departments; we will be expanding on this in future updates on this site.
  • Contest Channel: Our video contest consists of Battalion Members submitting their “Helmet camera Videos,” their Phone or Camera “On-Scene” videos and Videos produced by “Independent Producers” under our Indie Producer Channel.