The Broadcast of 13 shows in 13 weeks; un-presidented in our industry

A Broadcast Story about our Streaming Videos in September 2013, this is how we use viral vides to get over One-Half-Million- Viewers in a short period of time. Not even the major production companies on television produce "13 Shows in 13 Weeks.” This was an amazing run with video-webisodes from across of North America as well as our 9/11 Dedication Special.


Our team started the development of our new website on November of 2014 in hopes of launching in February of 2015. The challenge was overwhelming. We found it took a total of 16 hours to convert each of our shows that were in 520P, a low resolution, to full HD for our new website, with 170 videos, this process ran 24/7 from November to September of 2015, creating the website, that’s a different story and all will be told on the new Tule Fog Productions web-site in the coming moths