Brand-Marketing with The Battalion.TV Network

What does our series have to offer you as a client? Something that no one in the world offers manufactures in the fire service vertical market.

  • Brand-Marketing Video Advertisements embedded in our webisodes
  • Battalion Wall Advertising - your advertisement graphic with a click-through to your site
  • Product-Placement - Departments using your products on real calls
  • Real-Life-Training - Professional Firefighters from across North America responding to real life calls - all webisdoes are authorized by their departments

NOTE: Since 2007, we have limited the number of advertisers on our current website in an effort to keep our clients banner advertisements above-the-line.

Brand Marketing

Below is an example of a Brand-Marketing video advertisement for Connector ONE Rescue Boats. Our new video-advertisements are embedded in our video-webisodes. Your Brand-Marketing video advertisement will remain in the webisode for a minimum of one-year from its broadcast date (depending on your tier level of sponsorship). Network Wall Advertisement:

We currently offer our "Wall" banner-graphic advertisements in two sizes; 400 X 400 and for our Major Sponsors on our Home-Page 600X160. Your company Banner Advertisement can be Static or in rotation depending on the Region or Series as well as our new Channels, Production, LIVE, Indie-Producers, Contests, or any new pages or channels as our new Interactive website continues to evolve in design, as well as your level of Sponsorship investment.